The Makings of a Police State-Part IV

December 15, 2009


Source: BoilingFrogs

By Sibel Edmonds

13. December 2009

Secret reports, Secret budgets, Secret operations, Secret courts … A Secret Government!

The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them. — Patrick Henry

As stated by Patrick Henry with conviction and passion, a democratic government will not last if its operations and policies are not visible to its public. The foundation of our democratic republic is supposed to be based on an open and accountable government. Transparency is what enables accountability.

For several decades post 1945, under the guise of the Cold War, with the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency and an aggressive foreign policy based on overt and covert intervention abroad, the seeds of excessive secrecy were planted, aggressively nurtured, and taken to heights not imaginable in our founding fathers’ vision of transparent and accountable government. Although the Watergate Scandal brought a short-lived wave of awakening, and to a certain degree defiance, by getting Americans to question the extent of and the real need for governmental secrecy, the subsequent political movements were eventually halted with no real action ever taken, thanks to a Congress unwilling to truly exercise its oversight authority over the intelligence community. Read the rest of this entry »

The Left Fell Into The Climate Morass

December 14, 2009

Source: CampaignForLiberty

By Lew Rockwell

Published 12/14/09

It might take a while to sink in, but the global warming cause is on the skids. Two issues are taking the whole project down: it is getting cooler not warmer (and hence the change of the rhetoric to a vague concern over “climate change”), and the email scandal of a few weeks back proved that this really is an opinion cartel with preset views not driven by science.

Oh sure, people are saying that climategate is not really very serious and is only being exploited by Fox News and the like. And it’s true that not all measures of global temperature show cooling and that the science can be complex.

On that basis, the New York Times urges us to ignore the outpouring. “It is also important not to let one set of purloined e-mail messages undermine the science and the clear case for action, in Washington and in Copenhagen.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Climate Change Propaganda Machine

December 12, 2009

Source: CampaignForLiberty

By Paul Murdock

Published 12/12/09

In the last several weeks we have learned several new facts about climate change research. First, climate scientists’ motives are biased. Second, scientists actively discussed how to achieve political ends through their research. Third, and more disturbingly, the public has learned of discarded data, attempts to keep opposing views silent, and total political adherence to an ideology. Yet, without thinking twice, the main stream media and President Obama have shrugged off the controversy and continued boldly with their partisan agenda. It is clear the science behind climate change is biased and disputed, leaving the propaganda machine as the only fact that remains. Read the rest of this entry »

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9 /11 Truth Movement

December 12, 2009

Source: GlobalResearch

by Elizabeth Woodworth

December 12, 2009

Reflections on a Recent Evaluation of Dr. David Ray Griffin

The cover story of the September 24, 2009, issue of The New Statesman, the venerable left-leaning British magazine, was entitled “The 50 People who Matter Today.”(1) Any such list, necessarily reflecting the bias and limited awareness of the editors, would surely contain choices that readers would find surprising.

That is true of this list – which includes families as well as individuals. A good number of names are, to be sure, ones that would be contained in most such lists created by British, Canadian, or American political commentators, such as the Obamas, the Murdochs, Vladimir Putin, Osama bin Laden, Angela Merkel, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Pope Benedict XVI, and Gordon Brown. But about half of the names reflected choices that I, and probably most other readers, found surprising. One of these choices, however, is beyond surprising – it is astounding. Read the rest of this entry »

Drones, Cowboys and the Right to Surrender

December 11, 2009

featured stories   Drones, Cowboys and the Right to Surrender

From the military perspective, drone warfare is really cool, make that really really cool.

Source: InfoWars

Joni Dahlstrom
December 11, 2009

Sci Fi warfare isn’t coming to our future, it is here. And there will be consequences for every human on the planet. A new battlefield has been created, one in which the odds are tipped decidedly in favor of technological prowess over and above humanity.

Witness the recent announcement that yet another Al Qaida Number Three Man, the fifth Number Three, has been eliminated in Pakistan by a drone attack. Eliminate is an interesting word. In military operations, it is impolitic and impolite to use words like kill and murder against enemy forces, thus we don’t kill people, but eliminate or take out Al Qaida. People don’t die, they are merely deadly enemy combatants removed from the gaming field. There is no war here, no human cost, no violation of due process, violation of allied air space, just a surgical strike upon a target. In the words of Officer Barbrady, “Move along, nothing to see here.” Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Wars and the Opium Trade

December 4, 2009

featured stories   U.S. Wars and the Opium Trade

Source: Infowars

Sean Sailor
December 3, 2009

When Turkey in the late 1940s became a site of NATO and US forces its rank became cemented as the number one supplier of opium to the heroin markets of the US and Europe. This illegal opium market was primarily centered in Europe, where the final processing into heroin was done before going on to the market for the rest of the world. Its profits were therefore also made largely by Europeans. In 1968 research ordered by the Nixon Administration revealed that this Turkish opium crop supplied 80% of the opium destined to become heroin for the illegal markets of Europe and the US .(1) Read the rest of this entry »

Boiling Frogs’ 09 Thanksgiving Note to the President

November 26, 2009


Source: BoilingFrogs

Tuesday, 24. November 2009 by Sibel Edmonds

Freedom & Life: Of Turkeys & Men

Dear Mr. President:

Today is the official Presidential Turkey Pardon Day for 2009, your very first since taking office.  I understand you are planning to fly your pardoned bird(s) First Class to California, where they will live at Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland. How lucky are these birds, how kind of you to value their lives and freedom, and how generous of you to release them.

Mr. President, there are many innocent human beings who have been caged for over six years, under deplorable conditions, including torture – despite being innocent and having done nothing wrong. Their last ten months of detainment and torture have taken place under your watch, per your orders, and with your instructions. Read the rest of this entry »

State Secrets Privilege: The Puppets & Puppet Masters

November 24, 2009


Source: BoilingFrogs

by Sibel Edmonds

23. November 2009

It’s Time to Get the Facts Straight

I want to revisit a topic which happens to be extremely important to me, both personally and politically, and even more important to our civil liberties.

Some of you have already read my brief piece on Richard Horn & the CIA dishing out $3 million to buy silence in this narco scandal. Those of you who have not read it click here and read it – because this story also goes to the heart of a very significant and ongoing issue: The State Secrets Privilege. Read the rest of this entry »

Fighting the National ID Card

November 23, 2009

Source: CampaignForLiberty

By Sheila Dean

Published 11/23/09

Programs attached to laws like the PATRIOT Act, the Real ID Act, and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative all contain language which expands the government’s powers to demand identity and to track or limit your movement based on “official federal purposes”. The PASS ID Act limits the scope of Real ID’s current determination of federal purpose, but leaves the door wide open for data surveillance through opt-in State based fusion center hubs. Read the rest of this entry »

Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning’s School of the Americas

November 23, 2009


Source: Truthout

by: Scott Galindez

22 November 2009

This weekend, thousands of people gathered at the gates of Ft. Benning to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the killings of 14-year-old Celia Ramos, her mother Elba Ramos and the six Jesuit priests with whom she worked at the Central American University in San Salvador. Read the rest of this entry »

Vaccines: A Bullet to the Head

November 23, 2009

featured stories   Vaccines: A Bullet to the Head

Source: InfoWars

By Dr Sherri Tenpenny

November 22, 2009

It seems people often need to experience a bullet to the head before they will believe bullets can be deadly…and then they rue the day they ignored warnings about playing with loaded guns.

Vaccination seems to hold a similar place. People ignore words of caution and roll up their sleeves to get a flu shot. It seems they think getting a vaccine is the same as taking a multivitamin, and equally as benign. But when serious adverse events occur, such as Guillain-Barre paralysis, a seizure disorder or even a death, a jolt of reality lays bare just how damaging a “simple vaccine” can be. Read the rest of this entry »

End the Fed Rallies Across America

November 22, 2009

Source: Dprogram

November 22, 2009

San Francisco
Read the rest of this entry »

The Road to Copenhagen part III: A “Planetary Regime” in the Making

November 21, 2009

Source: InfoWars

Jurriaan Maessen
November 21, 2009

It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” George H.W. Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N, February 1, 1992

The machine of mass media is working overdrive now that the Copenhagen summit is approaching. All major media outlets have by now obviously received their talking-points which have an strangely similar ring about them all across the board. Even a superficial comparative study in the overall reporting reveals not only a stunning disregard for national sovereignty, but a willingness to support carbon-taxes imposed by a- as John P. Holdren puts it- “planetary regime”. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Financial Dependence on China – The Truth Behind China’s Currency Peg

November 21, 2009

Source: CampaignForLiberty

By Peter Schiff

Published 11/21/09

During President Obama’s high profile visit to China this week, the most frequently discussed, yet least understood, topic was how currency valuations are affecting the economic relationship between the United States and China. The focal problem is the Chinese government’s policy of fixing the value of the renminbi against the U.S. dollar. While many correctly perceive that this ‘peg’ has contributed greatly to the current global imbalances, few fully comprehend the ramifications should that peg be discarded. Read the rest of this entry »


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