Message to America From Captured Soldier in Afghanistan: “..Make Our Government Bring us Home..”

July 19, 2009










A video has surfaced of a soldier who went missing on June 30th and is believed to be held against his will in an unknown area. The media has been fairly silent on this missing soldier so far, but today the AP gave us an update.

 When prompted by his captors to give a message to the American people his response was this;

“To my fellow Americans who have loved ones over here, who know what it’s like to miss them, you have the power to make our government bring them home,” he said. “Please, please bring us home so that we can be back where we belong and not over here, wasting our time and our lives and our precious life that we could be using back in our own country. Please bring us home. It is America and American people who have that power.

His captors ask for comments on the moral of the soldiers and his views of the war.
He says that the soldiers are not happy and that overall the “morale is low.”
He calls the war “very hard”, and that he would like to “go home and be with his girlfriend.”

The video will no doubt be used as a tool to expand operations in Afghanistan, opposite of what this, and other soldier’s on both sides wish to happen. Maybe we will soon embrace this soldiers vision of controlling the government, until then the government will control us.

Soldiers: It is up to you as well. “If the leader’s call for a war and no-one shows up than there is no war.”  The only reason why you are getting abducted and shot at is because you are in their homeland, and we are dropping bombs on their homes. You as soldiers must resist obeying your orders, you have just as much responsibility to get yourselves home as we do. We the people and you the soldier’s must work together and beat this globalist ‘s agenda of worldwide control!     -ed

Afghanistan War Resister to “Put the War on Trial”

July 15, 2009
source: truthout
The nation of Afghanistan did not attack the United States
by Dahr Jamail

US Army Specialist Victor Agosto served a 13-month deployment in Iraq with the 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion. “What I did there, I know I contributed to death and human suffering,” Agosto told Truthout from Fort Hood, in Killeen, Texas, in May, “It’s hard to quantify how much I caused, but I know I contributed to it.”

His experience in Iraq, coupled with educating himself about US foreign policy and international law, has led Agosto to refuse to deploy to Afghanistan. “It’s a matter of what I’m willing to live with,” he said of his recent decision, “I’m not willing to participate in this occupation, knowing it is completely wrong.”

Agosto’s lawyer, James Branum, who is also the legal adviser to the GI Rights Hotline and co-chair of the Military Law Task Fore, told Truthout during a phone interview on July 10 that, contrary to mainstream opinion that believes Afghanistan to be a “justified” war, the invasion and ongoing occupation are actually in violation of the US Constitution and international law.

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Anti-Obama GI’s Afghan Orders Revoked

July 15, 2009

Note: This story is working off of the grounds that Barack Obama is not eligible as President because he was born in Kenya. I have heard this story floating around out there without too much evidence to support it. I have not entertained this story because it seems to be without facts, a rabbit hole. I found the original article on Cryptogon, who found it at World Net Daily, and only after trying to learn more about the attorney Orly Taitz, did the site come to my attention. A good article supporting that he is a valid candidate, and President is made here and here. -ed


The attorney representing an Army major fighting deployment to Afghanistan because he believes Barack Obama is not legally his commander-in-chief is declaring victory after the Soldier’s orders were revoked yesterday.

California lawyer Orly Taitz says any service member may now refuse any order by questioning Obama’s legitimacy.
“Do you know what this means?” Taitz asked in a telephone interview with Tuesday, about an hour after hearing from Maj. Stefan Cook, the officer fighting his deployment to Afghanistan. “It means the Obama administration has blinked. They have no cards to play with. The moment I filed a lawsuit, they didn’t even fight!”
“Can you imagine what are the consequences? This is disastrous” for the administration, she said. “We’ll have no military. Because anytime any Soldier, any Sailor, any Airman does not want to follow any orders, all he has to do is call an attorney and say ‘I don’t want to follow this order because I question the legitimacy of the commander in chief.’ “

U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, the reserve soldier who says he shouldn’t have to go to Afghanistan because he believes Barack Obama was never eligible to be president, has had his deployment orders revoked, Army officials said.

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US launches major Afghan assault

July 3, 2009

I doubt you had this in mind when the marching band was rooting for Change, Change, Change…..-ed

source: Al Jazeera

US forces have launched a major military operation in southern Afghanistan in the first big push to drive the Taliban out of a stronghold since Barack Obama became US president.

Up to 4,000 marines, backed by Nato aircraft and a 650-strong Afghan force, are moving into towns in Helmand province, where the Taliban has been intensifying its challenge to the Kabul government and allied forces.

Pentagon officials say the plan - said to be the largest US marine offensive since Vietnam – is not just to inflict casualties against the enemy, but to dig in and hold on to territory.

“We’re gonna go there and go to the far reaches where the Taliban is not looking for us, where they’re not expecting a fight, where they’re not sitting in prepared defensive positions and that’s gonna keep them off-balance,” spokesman Captain Zachary Martin said.

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