The Gulf, The Flotilla, 9/11 & The Internet Kill Switch

July 14, 2010

video by Moris Herman  source: Mathaba   July 14, 2010        

The Gulf oil spill, the flotilla raid and 9/11 all were deemed to be worthy of having the news orchestrated to the sheeple, yet the internet has undermined this.

Who is behind the news orchestration, and the percieved need to kill the internet?

Government Trying to Sweep Size of Oil Spill Under the Rug, Just As It Has Tried to Sweep the Economic Crisis, 9/11 and All Other Crises Under the Rug

July 10, 2010

source: Washintons Blog  July 10, 2010

As I previously pointed out, the Gulf oil spill is very similar to 9/11, because – in both cases – the responders helping with rescue and clean up were getting sick … but were told they don’t need any safety gear. And see this.

In addition, the government is keeping scientists away from “ground zero” of the oil spill and – for that reason – scientists cannot accurately measure the size of the oil spill.

BP has also tried to cover up its blunders by lowballing spill estimates, keeping reporters out of areas hardest hit by the oil (and see this, this, this and this) and threatening to arrest them if they try to take pictures (and see this), hiding dead birds and other sealife, and using dispersants to hide the amount of spilled oil (the dispersants are only worsening the damage caused by the spill).

The government is complicit in all of these cover-ups. Indeed, the Obama administration has made it a felony to get near enough to oiled wildlife and beaches to film them.

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