A Brief Review of “Mounting Evidence: Why We Need a New Investigation into 9-11″

March 21, 2012

by Laurence H. Shoup    Mar 21, 2o12

As Dr. Paul Rea states in Mounting Evidence, the 9-11 story is the 21st Century’s “ultimate mass murder mystery.”

Mounting Evidence makes good on the promise implied in this tantalizing quote with a 555 page book that is not only well researched and comprehensive, but is presented in a lively and engaging writing style, ensuring a good read. These characterizations only begin to describe the book’s relevance however, for Mounting Evidence focuses directly on the larger importance of 9-11. What does this event mean, in terms of its origins, in terms of the cover-up of the true facts by a rigged “investigation” by a rigged 9-11 Commission and in terms of the negative effects on U.S. foreign and military policy, even now?  With his multiple foci on “meaningful contexts,” the “Global Domination Project” of the United States, the “Official Story,” and the currently available evidence about 9-11, Rea uses his excellent command of all sources to explicate a very complex and multi-faceted subject clearly and compellingly.

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Mounting Evidence: New Book by Dr. Paul Rea

October 3, 2011

 source: Dr. Paul Rea    Oct 3, 2011

Readable and comprehensive, it’s a good book for everyone. It runs 550 pp., so the 24 pp. bib. had to go on the website, which offers lots of other goodies, too. If you don’t have a copy, please do check out the Preface or Chapter 22 on WTC7: www.mountingevidence.org


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