Trade Union Leader Kevin Bracken: “Corporate Media, Trade Unions & War and 9/11″

December 21, 2010

by John Parulis    source: 9/11 Blogger    Dec 21, 2010

(Bracken starts talking 9/11 at around the 10:00 mark, he covers a lot of various ground before hand.)

Video from December 11, 2010 University of San Francisco. Filmed by John Parulis

Key Note Speaker: Kevin Bracken

Kevin Bracken is the Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) Victoria Branch and President of the Australia Victorian Trades Council Hall which represents 400, 000 workers. Kenin Bracken is speaking here in a personal capacity on “Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11″. Bracken is one of the leading trade unionists in the world, who has publicly challenged the US official explanation of 9/11, and the political use of “terrorism” by governments internationally to escalate the attacks on democratic rights and repression of the labor movement and working people around the world.

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The Alternative Media Ignores The Story of Australian Union Leader Kevin Bracken Who Questioned The Official 9/11 Story

November 2, 2010

source: Truth Excavator  Nov 2, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” These are words are prophetic, especially when we judge them in the context of the alternative media’s silence regarding the serious and science-based questions surrounding the September 11 terrorist attacks. Included in the alternative media are outlets like, Democracy Now, AlterNet, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, The Huffington Post, Firedoglake, Truthdig, and Truthout. On most issues these sites knock it out of the park, but when it comes to the questions about the 9/11 attacks, they’re too afraid to even step up to the plate and assume the responsibility of informing their readers/viewers about the most critical event of our lifetime.

As the blogger pfgetty points out in this post on 9/11 Blogger, these alternative media organizations are ignoring a hugely important story about Kevin Bracken, the president of Australia’s Victorian Trades Hall Council, and secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, who questioned the official story of the 9/11 attacks on Wednesday October 20th on a morning talk show hosted by Jon Faine. You can hear the interview here. Bracken told Faine; “I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny.”

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Victorian Trades Hall President Kevin Bracken: Persecuted for Supporting 9/11 Truth

October 31, 2010

source:  9/11 Blogger                     Oct 31, 2010

Alex talks with the Victorian Trades Hall president, Kevin Bracken, who has sparked controversy for his comments that the September 11, 2001, attacks were a conspiracy and not the result of terrorist activity on the part of Muslim cave-dwellers. Bracken is also the secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia. “In my mind the buildings were imploded,” Bracken said during an appearance on the Jon Faine radio program earlier this month.

  Part 1 of 3

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Why 9-11 Truth Has Won – The Coming of the Flood

October 26, 2010

by Allen Jasson       source: MCW News     Oct 26, 2010

I recently wrote in MWC News arguing the case for Why 9-11 Truth Has Won, due primarily to the weight of irrefutable scientific proof of the two key elements that evidence controlled demolition of the three WTC Towers – free fall collapse and the presence of thermite, explaining the total absence of structural resistance. For this and for other reasons the successful demand by the 9-11 Truth Movement and others for a new, wider, proper investigation is only a matter of time. The flood would come. The recent political squabble in Australia represents further breaching of the dam wall that will bring that flood.

For those who usually give no attention to the list of US client states that rubber-stamp the UN votes of the US and Israel and contribute to the thin veneer of moral legitimacy of its obviously illegal wars for oil and empire, Australia is that large Southern Hemisphere continent between Indonesia and Antarctica. Aside from assisting the CIA in minor ways in its intrigues against the Chilean, left-wing government of Salvador Allende in 1973 the Australian secret services were doing their treasonous part at home by contributing to similar intrigues against the Australian, left-wing government of Gough Whitlam. Many Australians today understand that both of the major parties dominant in Australian politics (just as in the US and Britain) are, in the words of George Galloway “two cheeks of the same backside” and that whichever is in office, which always depends on the consent of the US ambassador and the foreign owned corporate media, the government is a US-compliant puppet no different to those of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Australian Union President, Kevin Bracken – A True Working Class Hero!

October 24, 2010

Interview  by John Bursill.  source: Visibility 9/11   Oct 24, 2010

Click here to go to the source page and listen to the interview!

To many the name Kevin Bracken is a new one in regards 9/11 Truth. The reality is that Kevin has been a champion of the 9/11 Truth cause since 2006 by disseminating information throughout the Victorian Union Movement and the Maritime Workers Union of Australia. He has distributed DVD’s, shown films and shared information regularly with his associates and the people of Melbourne and he achieved motions calling for a new investigation from both the Victorian Trades Hall Council where he is the President and the Victorian branch of the Maritime Union of Australia of which he heads as Secretary. Kevin has also attended numerous conferences on 9/11 and has been the facilitator of such in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years Kevin and I have developed a close working relationship, both striving for the truth 9/11 to come out to bring end to the wars and to get our rights back that have been eroded since 9/11!

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Thank You, Australia, For Supporting 9/11 Truth

October 23, 2010


by Gordon Duff   source: Veterans Today    Oct 23, 2010

“67% of Australians cite 9/11 government conspiracy in poll.  How can a government get so out of touch with reality, so “snookered” by American pressure over the 9/11 coverup that it would wake up one morning looking totally idiotic to its own people?”

When Trades Hall council president and staunch conservative,  Kevin Bracken, on the ABC show “Talk Back” publicly aired his views on American government complicity in the 9/11 attacks, host Jon Faine attacked him violently on air, making every attempt to humiliate and silence Bracken.  Bracken, known for taking tough stances during his tenure as head of Australia’s Maritime Union, didn’t back down.

Bracken Speaking at a Rights Conference

Bracken’s memorable response to ABC’s Jon Faine:

“Unfortunately cowards like you have set the political agenda in this country for too long.  I won’t be cowering down to bullies like yourself.”

Bracken, an outspoken Australian known for “telling it like it is” and “letting the chips fall where they may” made his position official in 2006, when he stated the following:

“If they want to stop terrorism they’ve got to look at who was really behind 9/11….It couldn’t have happened unless there was participation from key elements of the American military and government and security services. I am not saying the whole lot were involved. But I believe the official story for September 11 doesn’t stack up.”

Bracken could have been talking about Great Britain or the United States.  It took an Australian to put his reputation and career on the line, trusting in the judgement of the Australian people.  The Herald Sun took up the challenge and, for the first time, actually polled public opinion on 9/11, clearly asking whether they believed Bracken, that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack but a government conspiracy or the media pundits and members of the political opposition.

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