Ben “B.S.” Bernanke: Auditing the Fed…” would serioulsy stabiltiy in U.S.”

November 28, 2009

Imagine you as a private citizen are applying to buy a house.

 You need a loan from the BANK during volatile times, much like the markets have seen in the last 1-2 years.

The BANK wants to know why it should lend you its trust, or money to you to the buy the house. Recently many of the BANK’s customers have not been able to pay back their loans to the BANK, so it wants to know as much as it can about you and your abilities to pay the loan back. Read the rest of this entry »

Congressman Watt Guts Bill to Audit the Fed

November 1, 2009

source: Washingtons Blog

Ron Paul tells Bloomberg that Congressman Watt has just more or less killed the bill to audit the fed:

   Representative Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who has called for an end to the Federal Reserve, said legislation he introduced to audit monetary policy has been “gutted”while   moving toward a possible vote in the Democratic-controlled House.

The bill, with 308 co-sponsors, has been stripped of provisions that would remove Fed exemptions from audits of transactions with foreign central banks, monetary policy deliberations, transactions made under the direction of the Federal Open Market Committee and communications between the Board, the reserve banks and staff, Paul said today. Read the rest of this entry »

Ron Paul’s Bill to Audit the Fed Is Now Veto-Proof

September 17, 2009


source: Washingtons Blog

As Kurt Nimmo previously noted:

 [Ron Paul's] Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 1207, [is] now up to 232 co-sponsors. It needs a two-thirds vote with 290 members on board so … Obama will not veto it.

 Ron Paul’s office has just confirmed that 290 members are now on board supporting the bill.

Here is the list of 289 supporters (plus Paul equals 290).

Obviously, support in the Senate for the parallel bill is crucial. According to Zero Hedge, there are approximately 25 co-sponsors for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ S 604 Bill, “The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009.

What the Fed is REALLY Trying to Hide In Fighting an Audit

August 5, 2009


source: Washingtons Blog

75% of Americans and at least 276 Congress members and 19 Senators want to audit the Fed, but the Fed is fighting tooth and nail to keep everything hidden.

Most people assume that the Fed wants to keep secret the list of banks which received bailout money. You know, something along the lines of “we gave Goldman Sachs $100 billion”.

But what the Fed is really struggling to keep hidden is the fact that the entire financial system is based on massive manipulation and fraud by the Fed and its primary dealers.

Specifically, the Fed is desperately trying to hide that many trillions of the government’s bailouts have gone to inflating the stock market, buying up the U.S. government’s own treasuries, and gaming the currency and gold markets.

Of course, when the New York Federal Reserve’s “primary dealers” (the dealers through which the Fed carries out its open market operations in general, and its PPT, ESF, and other schemes through) get the huge sums of cash from the Fed, they place bets based on inside knowledge of where the money flows are going (they also, supposedly, skim off part of the cash, but that’s for another essay).

In other words, the Fed’s primary dealers engage in insider trading and frontrunning on a scale which would make your normal white collar felons look like a silver nanoparticle.

Finally, the Fed is not the only central bank engaging in manipulation. An audit would show how the Fed is playing footsie with other private central banks in an international con game.

Don’t believe me? Show me the books and prove me wrong.

Citizen Journalism: WACLA talks with Ron Paul on Fed Audit, 9/11

July 15, 2009

source: We Are Change

What Happened In Congress When We Were All Mourning For The King Of Pop.

June 26, 2009


 Ben Bernanke answers congress on Ron Paul’s legislation to audit the Federal Reserve.  Interesting what he says about the  takeover of monetary policy by congress.  Note that the Constitution grants full power over money to Congress.  -ed2

Ron Paul on the Fed Power Grab and HR 1207

June 18, 2009

source: infowars

Obama empowers private Federal Reserve as Audit Bill moves forward.

June 17, 2009


In February of this year Ron Paul introduced HR 1207 to the House. Hr 1207 is a bill that would allow for an auditing of the private Federal Reserve Bank. An audit, like one that would happen to you if were borrowing 14 trillion dollars, and could’nt say where it went after you got it. Dennis Kucinich along with Lynn Woolsey and 227 others have co-sponsered this bill.
On June 5th, 2009 the Federal Reserve
hired veteran lobbyist Linda Robertson to improve the Fed’s image as skepticism grows as to their role in our society.
The following story is the continuing battle against the debt-creating Federal Reserve. “They” know we are on to them!


sorce: Reuters

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is proposing the broadest changes in financial regulation since the Great Depression, calling for the elimination of some bank regulators and giving the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve vast new authority.

“We are going to put forward a very strong set of regulatory measures we think can prevent this kind of crisis from happening again,” President Barack Obama said Tuesday from the Rose Garden.
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