9/11 Timeline Updates on Mar 2: Miscellaneous

March 5, 2010

source: History Commons – 9/11 Timeline    Mar 5, 2010

Several miscellaneous entries have been published in the 9/11 Timeline over the last couple of weeks. In the late 1990s, Air Force General Richard Myers thought NORAD’s radar system and control software inadequate, whereas Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Technology Joseph Eash was concerned about the use of a plane as a weapon over the same period.

Shortly before the attacks, a self-proclaimed intelligence agent called Susan Lindauer warned relatives of an upcoming terrorist attack in New York and a large number of shares were purchased in a WTC security company. Further, a NORAD exercise had terrorists threatening to blow up an airliner five days before 9/11 and some suspicious visitors tried to enter the control tower at Logan Airport in Boston two days later.

Finally, after the attacks had ended, FAA officials were too busy to write an after action report.


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