9/11 FOIA: NYPD Helicopter Exclusive

October 7, 2010

Brian Romanoff     Nor Cal Truth   Oct 7, 2010

More video and video analysis from the recent NIST cumulus database release -  uploaded by IranContra again.

New 2010 NIST Cumulus File FOIA Release #14. NYPD aerial footage of the towers on 9/11. Montage of 25 clips. 15 of the 40 clips are bad AVI files and cannot be converted. The amazing part is the fact the NYPD never released this video to the public in it’s complete raw form, what are they hiding? Bin Laden might see the tape? The fact we have not seen all the evidence proves the government is trying to prevent public knowledge concerning 9/11.

9/11 FOIA: The Man In The North Tower Killed By Explosive Force

October 7, 2010

Brian Romanoff   Nor Cal Truth  Oct 7, 2010

More video, and video analysis from the recent NIST cumulus database release - this one put together by IranContra again.

Two new 2010 release FBI FOIA videos of the man waving the white shirt on the 106th floor of the North Tower and the supposed plane collision in the South Tower that kills him with a blast from inside the North Tower.

I think the question is whether: The impact from the plane and subsequent explosion in the other tower killed the man (presumably others as well) – or a well timed explosion in the North Tower went off at the same time as the plane impact on the south tower? Any thoughts?

9/11 FOIA: Audible Pops and Explosions

October 7, 2010

Nor Cal Truth    Oct 7th, 2010

Explosions are clearly audible in this video  posted by IranContraScumdid911. This is part of the ongoing NIST cumulus footage that has been released to the public because of the International Center for 9/11 Studies.

Video the government felt was not necessary to show the public, released September 2010. 11:00am to 12:00pm September 11, 2001 – Richard Peskin Video

BOMBSHELL: FOIA Sep 11th Video – 9/11 Firemen Witnesses Second, Third Explosions In WTC Lobby

October 6, 2010

by Brian Romanoff    Nor Cal Truth   Oct 6, 2010

YouTube user Iran-ContraScumdid911 has posted some amazing new videos relating to 9/11. The video below comes from a 2010 FOIA request,  part of the NIST Cumulus Data diligently acquired by the International Center or 9/11 Studies.

Make copies.

 “We was in an explosion. We was in the lobby.. and they fucking….the third explosion..the whole lobby collapsed in on us.”

“..definitely a secondary explosion.”

“On our way upstairs, the whole fucking thing blew.”

“Then there was a third one (explosion).”

“Everything just let loose in the building.”

“Three explosions after that (plane strike), we came in after the fire had started.”

“It was so surreal, it was like a movie set.”

“People don’t understand, there may be more, any one of these fucking buildings could blow up. This ain’t done yet.”

“..in the building trying to help people, and it’s exploding on you inside the building.”

New WTC 7 Video Posted on YouTube

September 9, 2010

Please visit the International Center for 9/11 Studies YouTube channel for more recently released footage.

source: 9/11 Blogger   Sep 9, 2010

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted a new video on YouTube. The footage was filmed by a news crew from a local NYC television station, and was received from NIST under the Freedom of Information Act.

Corbett Report Interviews 9/11 Researcher Aidan Monaghan

August 17, 2010

source: Corbett Report   Aug 17, 2010

  Part 1 of 2

  Part 2 of 2

Visit Aidan Maonaghans blog on 9/11 Blogger and see all his work.

The Real Terrorists, 9/11 FOIAs Denied, Economic Realism

July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

New Footage from Ground Zero Obtained by FOIA

July 10, 2010

by Brian Romanoff   Nor Cal Truth   July 10, 2010

Earlier this year 9/11 blogger, along with other websites, ran the story of a Freedom of Information Act request that ended up releasing 3,160 electronic records relating to the World Trade Center collapse investigation. It was a small story as there seemed to be very little information on who requested the FOIA, nor had people sifted through the entire release yet.

Here we have footage that was documented by William Cirone on 9/11. They were uploaded as many different 10 – 30 second clips by this YouTube user. About a month ago another YouTube user wove all the footage together into a cohesive clip, which is provided for you below.

There is new footage of World Trade Center #5, #6 and #7. However as one person noted on a forum comment, there are no south side shots of Building #7 even though it appears as if the camera would have been able to, and was about to, film it. The question is, “are there more electronic files that need releasing?”

Part 1 of 2

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Federal Court Rejects 9/11 FOIA Records Fee Waiver Request

July 9, 2010

by Aiden Monaghan  source: 9/11 Blogger  July 9, 2010

In an order issued on June 17, 2010, the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada rejected a plaintiff request for a waiver of search and reproduction fees for FBI records pertaining to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Such fees are often significant and can inhibit release of requested records. Now pending before the court is the FBI claim that FBI 9/11 records are exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. Requested records include those that may settle public questions regarding the crash scenes of American Airlines flight 77, United Airlines flight 93 and releated passenger phone calls first described as cellular and later as placed from aircraft seatback phones.


 Presently before the court is plaintiff Aidan Monaghan’s (hereinafter “Monaghan”) motion for summary judgment as to fee waiver. (Doc. #19). Defendants filed an opposition (doc. #22), and plaintiff filed a reply (doc. #24).

 Also before the court is defendant’s motion to strike exhibit 1 to plaintiff’s reply brief, (doc. #25) to which plaintiff filed an opposition. (Doc. # 26).

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FOIA request: Barry Jennings and Michael Hess (refused by NIST)

March 2, 2010

Source: WTC Anomalies   Mar 2, 2010

In response to FOIA request, NIST has refused to provide copies of transcripts and tapes of interviews with the first responders about Michael Hess and Barry Jennings trapped in WTC7.

Excerpt from NIST NCSTAR 1-8: proof of existence and classification of the interviews with explicit references to the two men trapped in the WTC 7:


Below there are links to documents we exchanged with NIST:


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This Week in 9/11 (Feb 22 – 28)

February 28, 2010

By Brian Romanoff    Feb 28, 2010

The week of February the 22nd through the 28th regarding news relating to 9/11, summarized.

The ripple effects of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference are continuing to be seen. (Last weeks news here.) The Washington Times carried an article entitled “Explosive News“, regarding the questions that AE911Truth brings to the table. The Examiner is another outlet that carried the AE911Truth press conference. Canadian  and  Russian have picked up on the story of over 1000 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation into 9/11 as well.

It has only been 1 week since the conference announcing the 1,000 and they’re already at 1,080 architects and engineers! (Probably more by the time I’m done writing this. ) One observant fellow noticed that in the 18 days of February before the conference 23 architects or engineers were added to the list, while in the 10 days of February after the conference 38 newly verified architects or engineers signed on for a new investigation. That is some good news!

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AFIP FOIA Appeal: 9/11 Investigation Still Open; Pentagon & Shanksville Hijacker Records Exempt From Disclosure

February 24, 2010

by Aiden Monaghan   source: 9/11 Blogger    Feb 24, 2010

The following is a February 4, 2010 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeal reply from the U.S.Armed Forces Institute of Pathology regarding a request for records that confirm the recovery and identification of terrorists accused of hijacking American Airlines flight 77 and United Airlines flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Such records are reportedly exempt from disclosure under exemption (b)(7)(a) which prohibits disclosure of information which would interfere with an on-going law enforcement investigation and exemption (b)7(c), which also provides protection for law enforcement information the disclosure of which could reasonably be expected to result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy of individuals in being associated with criminal activities, including investigators. According to the AFIP, the FBI considers the investigation into the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as still open. 

Additional information: http://www.911blogger.com/node/22200

Dear Mr. Monaghan:

This letter responds to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeal dated October 29,2008. The U.S. Army Medical Command, the Initial Denial Authority (IDA), denied your request to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) for all records pertaining to the recovery and identification of human remains of those who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks at the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

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9/11 Explosion: 9/11 Victim Family Member Manny Badillo Talks with RT About the New Photos

February 12, 2010

New picture releases are shedding light on September 11th, some say they prove that the assault on America proves a homegrown attack. The new photos are provided by US national institute of standards and technology. There are over 2,000 new photos that have been made public. Manny Badillo says that you see an explosion from the inside, not what it has seemed to be, he says there has never been a building taken down by a plane.

source: We Are Change

FOIA Photos from 9/11

February 9, 2010

Nothing groundbreaking here.

It looks like these pictures from 9/11 were just released via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. These photos don’t show too much, which begs the question of why have we not seen them for 8 years, and why does this take a FOIA?

As well, many of these photos may not have been viewed by many of you yet.

Last but not least are some pictures from a Russian pilot flying a small plane on the day of 9/11.


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