Nor Cal Truth at ACLU Awards Dinner

April 19, 2010

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April 19, 2010

On Friday April 9th, at an ACLU awards dinner, Nor Cal Truth was invited to hold a table as one of only a few tables permitted. This was a fortunate situation as the person who was originally invited to hold a table there was not able too. This kind person then offered us half of a table for 9/11 related materials if we would work the other half of the table for her in her absence. Her focus was Bohemian Grove. We said “OK.”

The 2 pictures above are from us getting ready at the event. As what normally happens with a small group of people working a table, taking pictures seems to fall into the unimportant category, as you get busy talking to people and handing out information. I wish we could have had pictures of a more crowded arena and booth, but oh well.

The main goal in my mind was to target the social leaders at the dinner for conversations and interactions. I prepared many packets of useful AE 9/11 Truth material for any and all interested.

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