Another High Rise in China Burns Completely Without Collapse

November 16, 2010

Nor Cal Truth      Nov 16, 2010

On Nov. 15th in China a 28 story building burned on almost every floor, and stood the next day to be inspected. This was the fire:

And the next day:

Even the scaffolding is standing!!!

Furthermore, people are being held accountable in this very recent Chinese fire!

 The 9/11 victims families are still waiting for answers and accountability.

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China TV Centre ‘Safe’ After Fire

November 1, 2009
The CCTV building, left, next to the charred remains of the hotel tower on the right, in Beijing
The charred hotel tower is visible to the right of the CCTV building

In the world that we all live in, fires do not turn steel framed high rise concrete buildings into dust from the top down in a matter of seconds. Buildings may be made differently these days than 1973, but laws of physics are not. This is another reminder of the world we live in  – Brian

source: BBC

A landmark building in central Beijing will not have to be pulled down following a fire earlier this year, according to the architect.

The hotel, part of the new headquarters for China’s national broadcaster, CCTV, was severely damaged in a blaze started by fireworks.

Rumours suggested the fire could have undermined the whole 5bn yuan ($730m, £450m) broadcast centre project.

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China Celebrates Total Control; US Too

October 1, 2009

The Empire State building was lit up in NYC to celebrate China’s Total Control Syndrome. We’ll call it TCS from here on…The police in America recently showed a display of force to its citizens in Pittsburgh, which hosted the G-20 summit. The article below mentions people miles away from China’s big parade being told to “go home, watch it from your television.” If you have not yet seen videos from the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, please do. -ed

source: Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – China celebrated its wealth and rising might with a show of goose-stepping troops, gaudy floats and nuclear-capable missiles in Beijing on Thursday, 60 years after Mao Zedong proclaimed its embrace of communism.

Tiananmen Square in central Beijing became a high-tech stage to celebrate the birth of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949, with the Communist Party leadership and guests watching a meticulously disciplined show of national confidence.

Celebrations began in the morning with troops firing cannons and raising the red national flag while President Hu Jintao, wearing a slate grey “Mao” suit, looked on from the Gate of Heavenly Peace over the Square.

The two-hour parade of 8,000 soldiers, tanks and missiles, 60 elaborate floats and 100,000 well-drilled civilians was a proud moment for many Chinese citizens, watching the spectacle across the country on television. Later in the evening, Tiananmen Square will be lit up with a huge fireworks display.

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Pimco: Dollar is Losing Reserve Status, Diversify Your Currency Holdings

August 20, 2009


source: Washingtons Blog

Pimco portfolio manager Curtis A. Mewbourne writes that the dollar is losing its status as world reserve currency as the U.S. pumps massive amounts of money into the system. (I – and many others – have repeatedly written on this issue).

The dollar will probably depreciate the most against emerging market currencies. Pimco is advising clients to diversify out of the dollar.

Indeed, as Bloomberg points out:


Bill Gross, who runs the $169 billion Pimco Total Return Fund, is also warning the U.S. currency will fall.

Holders of dollars should diversify before central banks and sovereign wealth funds do the same because of concern government budget deficits will deepen, Gross said in June.

Controlled Demolition of a Building in the Chinese City of Zhongshan

August 16, 2009

A building in the Chinese city of Zhongshan has been demolished in a controlled explosion after it was never completed, and lay empty for 12 years.

And in Manhatten on September 11, 2001…

China Testing Kids DNA for “Natural” Talents, Genetic Gifts and Future Careers

August 5, 2009

“My resume is in my cells. …It is illegal to discriminate, Geno-ism it’s called, but no one takes the law seriously….They can take a sample from a door handle, or a handshake….if in doubt, a legal drug test can become an illegal peek at your future in the company….We now have discrimination down to a science.”  -excerpt from Gattaca

source: CNN

CHONGQING, China (CNN) — At the Chongqing Children’s Palace, experts are hoping to revolutionize child-rearing with the help of science. About 30 children aged 3 to 12 years old and their parents are participating in a new program that uses DNA testing to identify genetic gifts and predict the future.
When Director Zhao Mingyou first heard about the technology earlier this year, he instantly knew it could be a success in China.

“Nowadays, competition in the world is about who has the most talent,” said Zhao. “We can give Chinese children an effective, scientific plan at an early age.”

The test is conducted by the Shanghai Biochip Corporation. Scientists claim a simple saliva swab collects as many as 10,000 cells that enable them to isolate eleven different genes. By taking a closer look at the genetic codes, they say they can extract information about a child’s IQ, emotional control, focus, memory, athletic ability and more.

“For basketball, we can test for height and other factors,” said Dr. Huang Xinhua, a leading scientist on the project. “We also test listening ability so that can tell us if (the child) might be talented at music.” Would you be happy to test your child?

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