Attack on CIA Base in Afghanistan May Have Had Inside Help

January 2, 2010

source: Raw Story

An historic blow against CIA — Intel official promises revenge on Taliban — Two of the dead were Blackwater employees

The suicide bombing Wednesday that took the lives of seven CIA officers and contractors in Afghanistan may have had help from an informant close to the spy agency, and may have been carried out on behalf of a Taliban warlord family that was once an ally of the CIA, news reports say.

Citing an unnamed “Western official,” the Wall Street Journal reported that “an Afghan informant with the agency” may have helped the suicide bomber carry explosives past layers of security at the base.

The allegation echoes what the Taliban themselves now say about the attack. Having taken credit for it, the Taliban said they “used a turncoat CIA operative to carry out” the bombing, the Associated Press reports. The militant group reportedly said the attack was revenge for the death of a high-ranking Taliban leader in a recent US airstrike.

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