TV Show With Former Governer and Navy Seal Jesse Ventura Looks Into Questions About 9/11

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One Response to TV Show With Former Governer and Navy Seal Jesse Ventura Looks Into Questions About 9/11

  1. A.Wright says:

    The evidence at ground zero was removed and destroyed according to Mr. Ventura. Then we see Mr. Ventura going to the hanger at JFK where there are thousands of pieces of steel! This is steel that the Port Authority of New York were intending to give away to towns and cities who wanted to make memorials out of it! Big cover-up. A judge had to give permission for this steel to be released years after 911 because it was being examined by investigators, years after 911. So much for the evidence being destroyed and never examened. There was an article in the New York Times along with photos taken inside the hanger of the steel but we are given this ‘why won’t they let us in to see it’ bull- maybe because you are prowling around at night when the place is locked up. It’s amazing how Mr. Bellone talks about these other people who are so scared that they are on the run and won’t talk when he is talking and doesn’t seem to be scared at all.
    The guy who was talking about the change in the protocol for dealing with hijacked planes -you only have to look at the documents he is refering to to see that he is talking nonsense. Wouldn’t it be an idea for people supposedly investigating something to actually look at the documents instead of just presenting some persons false version of what they say and misleading viewers? Two minutes thought will tell you that there are no circumstances that anything could have been done to prevent the crashes of the first two planes into the WTC towers.

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